Moms Who Deserve a Massage this Mother’s Day

Moms who garden deserve a massage for Mother's DayThe Gardening Mom

If your Mom’s a gardener, she’s working hard this spring starting seeds, prepping the soil, hauling compost and generally having a ball getting her hands dirty. Gardening is a labor of love, but it’s hard work! All that digging, lifting, bending and repetitive motion can cause sore muscles. This year, let Mom grow the flowers and get her a gift certificate for a Rogers Relaxing Massage. She’ll be more able to enjoy the fruits of her labor when she’s relaxed and rejuvenated.

The On-The-Go Mom (CEO, Mom’s Taxi)

Is your Mom the type who is always on the move? Keeping a family on track and on schedule takes a lot of effort. Maybe she spends a lot of time driving kids around to soccer practice, football games, dance recitals, violin lessons, riding lessons… you get the idea. While the kids might get plenty of fresh air and exercise, she ends up spending a big part of her day in the car. All that driving is tiring and can cause muscle stiffness – help her work out the kinks, restore circulation, and get a boost of energy with a relaxing massage.

The Hard Working Mom

Whether your Mom is behind a desk or spends the whole day on her feet, there’s no better way to show your appreciation for her hard work by helping her relax with a massage. It doesn’t matter if she wears heels or a hard hat during the work day, a trip to Rogers Relaxing Massage can help improve concentration and energy levels so she can take on all the challenges her profession presents.

Athlete Moms deserve a massage on Mother's DayThe Athlete Mom

Is your Mom an athlete? The kind of person who is always looking for a new adventure? Maybe she runs, practices yoga, plays hockey, loves to hike or goes to the gym religiously. She’s in great shape, but that doesn’t mean she won’t benefit from a massage – quite the contrary! Your active Mom will love the relaxation, relief from sore muscles, and increased range of motion a massage can provide.

The New Mom

The first years of parenting are an incredibly special, memorable time – and exhausting. New Moms face special challenges, long hours and lost sleep, and they wouldn’t want it any other way – most of the time! If there’s a new Mom in your life you’d like to celebrate this year, the relaxation and stress relief offered by a massage is a thoughtful and considerate gift.

Moms-to-be deserve a massage on Mother's DayThe Mom-to-Be

Don’t forget about the Mom-to-Be in your life on Mother’s Day. Massage offers a lot of benefits to the expectant mother: it can help with sleep, improve mood, increase circulation and decrease nerve pain. Massage can even assist with shorter, easier labor and shorten maternity hospital stays!

The Grand Mom

There’s more than one way to be a Mother, and there’s probably more than one person in your life who you’d describe as “like a mother to me.” Show your Grandmother, Stepmom, Mother-in-Law, or that special motherly person in your life how much you appreciate them with the gift of a relaxing massage!

The Stressed Out Mom

Is your Mom stressed out? Maybe your little brother is driving her crazy? Show her who the “good kid” is with a gift certificate for a massage – she’ll be much more relaxed when you tell her what you did to the car. 😉

The Injured Mom

If your Mom’s recovering from an injury, massage is a great way to help speed the process. From alleviating pain and soreness to feeling rested and rejuvenated, massage is useful at almost any aspect of the recovery process.

Your Mother deserves a massage gift certificate for Mother's Day!YOUR Mom!

After all, who among us hasn’t been a “pain in the neck” once in a while? The truth is, any Mom can benefit from massage. It’s an ideal gift, really, one that shows you care about their health and happiness. Chances are your Mom shows you how invested she is in your well being in a lot of ways, both large and small. Mother’s Day is a chance to repay the favor.

Get a Gift Certificate from Rogers Relaxing Massage Therapy for the Mom in your life today!